Bonds Builds Homes

Dylan Novacek April 20, 2020

At Beacon, our vision is that all people have a home. Together we build supportive and sustainable homes for those in need. This simply cannot be done without housing bonds. Housing bonds are critical to build homes for those who need them most.

Bonds = Homes! As a member of Homes for All, a statewide coalition, Beacon is calling for the investment of $500 million in housing bonds to support the homes across the state.

Watch these videos on the successes of bonding, and why we need you to come with us to take action:

66 West:


Will you take 5 minutes right now to call or email your state senator and ask them to prioritize $500 million for housing bonds? Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Look up your legislator Here. (
  2. Email or call your Senator with this message:

Dear ______

My name is ______, and I live at ______ and am a volunteer leader with Beacon Interfaith Housing Collaborative. Housing is essential for our state, and I want you to prioritize a strong investment in home this session.

Please advocate for $500 million in housing infrastructure bonds to be included in the bonding bill.

Thank You,

Click here to learn more on how you can take action for home!

Your Gift Matters...Take Action For Home!

When you make a donation to Beacon you are saying that you believe in home. Help us create new homes, shelter families, and work towards our vision that all people have a home.