Showing Up For Prairie Pointe

Dylan Novacek May 21, 2020

We are pointing the way to Prairie Pointe, and we need your help! It takes a collaborative to help build about 50 new homes for families in Shakopee. For Prairie Pointe to keep moving forward, we need to make sure our elected officials see and hear us.

We need you showing up for Prairie Pointe at the Shakopee City Council vote on June 2 at 7 p.m. Click here to register and get important details.

At our “Rally for Home, From Home” event, we heard from Beacon leaders like Laura Helmer, chair of the Beacon Board of Directors and a member of the Prairie Pointe Campaign Action Team. In this speech, Laura shares why we all need to show up for home and help make Prairie Pointe a reality…

Prairie Pointe, serving families in Scott and Carver counties, has special meaning for me. I live in Carver County. I was a part of the initial leadership team that organized local congregations and brought the Families Moving Forward shelter program to Scott and Carver, opening in 2014. More affordable homes for families in our community has always been our aspiration.

The need for homes in Scott and Carver counties continues to grow, and Families Moving Forward alone can’t keep up with the shelter needs we are facing. However, we believe in what is possible, and what is possible before us right now is the real opportunity to make Prairie Pointe a reality.

Prairie Pointe is a critical response to housing instability in Scott and Carver counties! It would provide home for about 50 families who make less than $25,000 a year and are experiencing homelessness. It would also include intensive wrap-around family supportive services like mental health care, recovery and support groups, employment support, parenting and financial planning skills, child care, and more. We know that Prairie Pointe will be a success because we know that family supportive housing is a success!

On-site service professionals support residents in almost two out of three of Beacon’s homes! Data show that 85% residents maintain their housing for over a year, 89% improve health stability by accessing referred services, and 69% maintain or increase income to pay all monthly expenses!

Prairie Pointe will not only provide shelter, it will help transform people’s lives. We have the opportunity to make that a reality for dozens of families in our community. So, what is it going to take from all of us to make Prairie Pointe a reality?

Our collaborative vision is that all people have a home. It’s a bold vision, and we really mean it—we want a future where entire communities show up in support of home for all neighbors because they truly believe that a home for everyone is necessary for everyone.

One of the things all of that powerful work requires is collaborative financial resources. This is especially true for our family supportive housing developments like Prairie Pointe. In addition to federal, state and county dollars, we need to raise $720,000 from the community to make these 50 homes a reality.

When you do the math, that means each home we build at Prairie Pointe takes $15,000 in community donations as well as your voices and passion to make it possible.

And that’s not all! Every dollar that you and I contribute amplifies our vision for home.

Each dollar says to our elected officials “I’m showing up, I’m personally committed, and I’m putting my money into action for homes for every neighbor—and so should our cities, counties and state.”

What is it going to take for all of us to make Prairie Pointe a reality? Showing up with our pocketbooks as well as showing up to take action!

Let’s take action for home! Click here to RSVP for the City Council vote on June 2. Watch more videos from our Pointe The Way series here: