Impact In Action: Sustaining Home

Dylan Novacek January 17, 2020

“I am in awe of the homes built, and the number of families helped. Who else would do such great work?”

Kathy Gremillion, Donor Spotlight, Written by Dylan Novacek, Content Specialist

“Home is so important! Stable homes lead to healing and recovery. It’s the base that everything comes from.”

Beacon donor Kathy Gremillion describes herself as a human with compassion. Approaching two years of retirement from her career in finance, Kathy spends her time giving back. As an advocate in her congregation, a member of their Beacon leadership team, and a donor to Beacon since 2005, she truly believes in home.

“Home is my family, my security, and my comfort. Growing up, I had loving parents but limited resources. I feel many don’t understand how quickly people can move into homelessness,” Kathy reflected. When Kathy saw her father’s company go through bankruptcy, she became aware of the fine line many walk between stability and struggle.

“Seeing my family experience that in part set the stage for me to become more aware. Now, I want to use my resources to make a difference.”

As a member of Mayflower Church in Minneapolis, a collaborating congregation with Beacon, Kathy saw impact in action through the passing of Vista 44.

“It was remarkable! To think as a result of the collaborative efforts, dozens of families and their children will have homes with resources!” Kathy’s face lit up with pride. “I saw this impact and it made me want to do more; I increased my giving to Beacon.”

Kathy knew that her donations were an integral part of ensuring that Vista 44 gets completed. Each Beacon home takes $15,000 in private donations before the shovel hits the dirt, and gifts like this can be leveraged many times over throughout the building process.

As an advocate for Vista 44, Kathy notes that it isn’t hard to get her fellow congregants involved.

“Mayflower is a very active social justice community. It didn’t take much to get people to support the cause. Many at Mayflower are already well versed in the issues. It’s easy for me to tap into the organization and help. Mayflower is an amazing congregation to be a part of.”

Impact in action inspires Kathy and fuels her confidence in Beacon’s vision that all people have a home. As she continues her goal in supporting sustainable housing, Kathy works to address the injustices and inequities that she sees.

“When I was volunteering with I noted how many more people are out there that need our help. Our homeless youth who couch hop. I am struck by the fact that we as a society think our youth are disposable.”

Kathy doesn’t want anyone in need to be forgotten. This is why she believes in the value of building home and loves donating to Beacon. As she sees the impact and good the gift of home can do, she points to the power of the collaborative as a strong catalyst for change.

“I feel so attracted to the work the collaborative does because it is real, tangible, and laser focused. I am in awe of the homes built, and the number of families helped. Who else would do such great work?”

Through her sustained giving, active volunteering, and passion for home it is evident that Kathy stands as someone who leads by example. Looking into the future, she hopes for more homes and more families to be safe which is made possible through advocacy and donations. Kathy is proud of Beacon’s vision and feels called by her faith to take these actions and help sustain home.

As there is more work to be done, it is important to recognize the impact of leaders and givers such as Kathy. Through the power of faith communities and the power of the collaborative, we put impact in action to build home.

“Seeing projects kick off and doing as much as we can excites me! Seeing Beacon deliver on their mission time and time again is so gratifying.”