Overview: Bimosedaa

Dan Gregory July 15, 2019

Supportive housing for individuals in downtown Minneapolis

“Let’s walk together!”

Bimosedaa will be about 50 apartment homes in downtown Minneapolis. Culturally relevant and responsive on-site support will be tailored to members of the Native community who have moved out of homelessness.

The Essentials

  • About 50 high-quality, well-managed apartment homes for individuals.
  • Services tailored toward members of the Native community who have experienced homelessness.
  • Created through a partnership with the Red Lake Nation.
  • Individualized, culturally-relevant on-site support services.
  • Bimosedaa is an Ojibwe word that translates into English as ‘Let’s walk together’.

Why Downtown Minneapolis?

  • Easy access to multiple bus routes and both the Green and Blue light rail lines.
  • Excellent shopping, recreation, entertainment, and civic engagement options.
  • Enriches the vision of a vibrant, diverse, forward-looking downtown that welcomes everyone.

Supportive Housing

  • Support services through Avivo.
  • Intensive services focused on jobs, education, health, and community connection offer residents space to consider what the next step might look like for them.
  • Supportive Housing works for residents, and it works for communities.

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Get Involved

You can help create the apartment homes at Bimosedaa through your gift and action. It will take:

About $750,000 in private gifts allows Beacon to do all the work needed before construction begins: the planning, organizing, design and financing. Contact Clara to discuss making a personally-significant gift.

Congregations demonstrating public support at critical times in zoning, land use, and planning decisions. Contact Emily to discuss how your congregation can be organizing to take action.