Four Boys – And a Home for the Holidays

Dan Gregory November 12, 2018

In April of this year, Sarah received an eviction notice explaining that due to falling behind on rent she would have just a week to pack up her things and vacate her home. Sarah, together with her four sons (ages 15, 13, 10 and 9), packed their most important belongings into her car and a storage unit and began calling around looking for options.

They learned about Beacon’s Families Moving Forward program when they reached out to His House Foundation, and in May they joined the program. Sarah began working as a Patient Care Assistant right away, specializing in Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s care. “It’s hard work for sure,” she says, “but I love it.” Even while working multiple jobs, it was difficult for Sarah to find a place she could afford that would fit her family of growing boys on a single income.

Months passed, and while Sarah was grateful for the stability of our program, she was very anxious to get out on her own. Finally, in October we made a connection with a program that was able to provide the support Sarah and her boys needed to get a home. Sarah had faced some barriers that were making it difficult for her to get approved by many of the places where she looked. This program had an apartment available that would not only accept her despite those barriers, but they are also able to support her by helping with rent for the upcoming year. This year will allow Sarah the time she needs to really find her feet and, just as importantly, have time to spend with her boys.

The holidays are always a difficult time for families experiencing homelessness. But after months of waiting, Sarah and her boys are now one family who is looking forward to spending the holidays in their own home.