Just Be As Strong As You Can

Dan Gregory July 24, 2018

At 23 years old, Meisha and her 5-year- old daughter found themselves in need of shelter after their previous home burned down in a fire.  Meisha had a job through a temp service, but income wasn’t always steady.Past debts and unsteady income caused barriers in finding housing. Meisha was able to participate  in a Young Parent Rapid Re-Housing program, which provides short-term supportive services so families can move out of shelter and into a home faster.

Meisha and her case manager Kayli  called landlords day after day, did numerous apartment showings, and within 3 months, Meisha and her daughter found a home! They moved out of shelter into their own apartment at Zoom House,an example of Family Supportive housing where on-site services help families thrive. Today, Meisha is interviewing for a more permanent job and has a plan in place to increase her income. While in shelter, Meisha worked with her case manager on budgeting and savings. The result? Meisha had a savings fund when she left shelter. She plans to continue saving so she can create a new start for herself and her daughter. To others who may be experiencing homelessness, Meisha advises: “Just be as strong as you can during the transition. It’s not easy”. 

Families Moving Forward is so proud of the progress Meisha has made and glad to have helped her family on their journey toward self-sufficiency!  

*Photo: Meisha and daughter at their apartment the first night. Happy and silly!