Sixty Days to Home

Dan Gregory September 18, 2018

By Kayli Salin

Life can be overwhelming when you are young parents experiencing homelessness for the first time. Travon and Richarykah, both 23, found themselves in this exact situation with their 3-year-old baby.

This young couple entered our program July 13th, 2018, unemployed and with no childcare, no rental history, no income, and no food stamps.They were unsure where to even start on moving toward stability and housing again. Despite all of this, they did have an edge over many of their peers: they didn’t have any sort of criminal history in their rental history.

Within a couple weeks at Families Moving Forward, both Travon and Richarykah found employment and opposite shifts that allowed them to alternate caring for their daughter.They started budgeting and saving with their case manager.

After 40 days at the shelter, they found a landlord who had affordable housing available and was willing to work with a family with no rental history.Over the next 15 days, they worked hard to put more money toward savings and find resources and assistance to help scrounge together the first and last month’s rent.

At just shy of 60 days with us, this family signed their very first lease and moved into their first home together! And life became just a bit less overwhelming.

Photo courtesy of John Walsh.