Advancing policies to bring housing stability and end homelessness

When all people have access to stable housing, our communities are stronger and healthier. Our collective action and investment through our public policy should work toward ensuring all people have a home.

Take action today to support an Emergency Housing Relief Package

No one should lose their home because they can’t pay their rent, utility bill, or other housing-related expenses. We must raise our voices to our legislators today. The COVID-19 virus and its economic impact will disproportionately hurt people who are homeless and those already living on the edge, barely able to afford a home. It’s time to ask our state leaders to support the emergency housing relief package being proposed in the Minnesota House:

Please click here to join with other advocates through Homes for All to take action!

In 2020, we are working to advance the following policy initiatives:

Download these files for more information and to share our policy agenda with others:

We hope you’ll join us as we work toward a Minnesota where all people have a home! To learn more or get involved:

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