Advancing policies to bring housing stability and end homelessness

When all people have access to stable housing, our communities are stronger and healthier. Our collective action and investment through our public policy should work toward ensuring all people have a home.

Take action today to support an Emergency Housing Relief Package

No one should lose their home because they can’t pay their rent, utility bill, or other housing-related expenses. It’s time to ask our state leaders to support an emergency housing relief package. Here are the steps:

  1. Look up your legislator here.
  2. Email your Representative and Senator this message:

Dear ______

My name is ______, and I live at ______ and am part of the Beacon Interfaith Housing Collaborative. Thank you for your leadership in passing the needed funds this week for shelters. I am disappointed that emergency rental assistance was not included in the bill.

Please advocate for $100 million of emergency rental assistance to be included in the next spending measure.

Thank You,

In 2020, we are working to advance the following policy initiatives:

  • Bring It Home, Minnesota: housing stability for all
  • Invest in building homes: $500 million in Housing Bonds in the 2020 state legislative session
  • Fill the gap for families: adequately fund operating dollars for family supportive housing
  • Emergency rental assistance: no one should lose their home because of COVID-19

Download these files for more information and to share our policy agenda with others:

We hope you’ll join us as we work toward a Minnesota where all people have a home! To learn more or get involved:

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