Dwelling In Hope: Believe In Home

Dylan Novacek November 20, 2020

Written By Dylan Novacek, Content Specialist

“We know there is a lot of power at the Capitol. But those of us who fight for big change know that true power exists among us, among people,” exclaimed Pastor Korla Masters from Shepherd of the Lake Lutheran Church in Prior Lake. “We only get change when we demand it.”

On November 15, over 200 of us gathered virtually for our Dwelling In Hope rally. Together we asserted to our elected officials that we believe in a Minnesota where all people have a home. From hearing stories of hope and action, a shared sense of power was felt in our Zoom room.

“I’m really awed by how many people showed up and how much energy we could create virtually,” reflected Congregational Organizer Elizabeth Tannen.

“I left the rally full of energy and hope because of the over two hundred people and thirteen legislators who came together,” added Ben Helvick Anderson, our Director of Public Policy. “Even with the pandemic’s significant challenges, a worsening economy, and a state budget deficit, these numbers demonstrated the need to organize and act for home.”

Throughout the event, this need for action was punctuated as we heard personal stories from members of our collaborative. These stories are what shape the work we do.

“Julie Madden’s remarks resonated powerfully with the audience and me,” Elizabeth shared. “I loved the quote she shared from St. Augustine: Charity is no substitute for justice withheld.

“There’s such great need for charity. Beacon Congregations are so generous in providing immediate relief in our communities, and we know that if we don’t make a serious investment in justice work now then we will be doing that forever,” Elizabeth asserted. “We are serious about creating a different, more equitable world and ready for the work!”

For Ben, a standout moment from the rally was the powerful testimony given by Judith Foley from House of Hope. You can watch her full testimony here.

“The toll on families, especially children, of unstable housing, is devasting,” Judith Foley said as she shared her powerful, personal story with the collaborative. “Our system creates so few options for people with low incomes, and even fewer for those with additional struggles like mental health or substance addiction.”

It’s so important to keep the faith and push forward for our neighbors struggling with their setbacks. We need a strong collaborative to help push us forward as we advocate for Bring It Home, Minnesota; a bold rent subsidy bill that will bring housing stability once and for all.

“We need to bring forward solutions that match the scope of the problem,” said Minnesota State Representative Michael Howard, advocating for the need of Bring It Home, Minnesota. “All roads lead back to home.”

“No matter where we live, we are all connected and impacted by this issue and need to bring that power to the upcoming legislative session starting in January,” Ben said, urging others to continue taking action. “We need everyone to sign a virtual pledge card and show up for the session and get ten others to sign as well.”

Thank you to everyone who joined us at Dwelling In Hope. As we continued in our shared Beacon mission, please take a moment to sign our virtual pledge card and RSVP for our legislative kick off taking place this January.

Want to take action now? Sign up for our next Rent Is Due: Day of Action on December 1. Contact Ben Helvick Anderson for more information on our policy push.