Bring It Home, Minnesota

Housing stability for all Minnesotans

We are proud to call Minnesota home. But too many families across the state struggle to afford their homes and pay their rent. We know it’s possible to ensure every single one of us can thrive in a home we can afford. We will all experience a stronger, more prosperous community by investing in stability at home. We know the solution to our housing crisis. It’s within reach. It’s time to Bring It Home, Minnesota.

A Bold Solution

Make sure every Minnesota family can pay their rent.
Rent subsidies are a simple, bold, cost-effective solution that will bring housing stability once and for all.

Minnesota Needs Rent Subsidies

550,000 Minnesotans – too many of them children – live in households struggling every single month to pay their rent. One financial crisis – a hospital visit or the car breaking down – could tip them over the edge and into eviction. Families are barely hanging on. This instability of home is a crisis for our state. When only one in four people receive the federal help they qualify for, we can’t wait on Washington for the housing solutions we need today.

Rent Subsidies Work!

Rent subsidy brings housing stability to all. It ensures families don’t have to pay more than 30% of their income to keep a roof over their head. Making up the difference between what rent costs and what a family can pay from their income helps people stay in communities they love and move toward long-term success. When rent is more manageable, budgets stretch further so kids get new crayons and clothes that fit, seniors can afford life-saving medications, and the car gets fixed when it breaks down.

It’s Time to Invest In Home

Housing is the foundation of a strong Minnesota. Our state budget doesn’t currently reflect this.

If we invest 4% of the state budget toward home, we could provide housing stability for all our neighbors, effectively end homelessness, and dramatically improve our racial equity gap and outcomes for our children.

We Are ALL Impacted – and We Will ALL Benefit

Housing instability impacts all corners of our state.

Every county – rural, urban, suburban – is feeling the housing crisis and struggling for solutions. And neighbors in every county will benefit from rent subsidies, administered by local entities who already understand local needs.

Moving Toward Racial Equity

People of color are disproportionately affected by the rent affordability crisis. Rent subsidy is a bold, proven solution toward equity and increased opportunity, benefiting:

Making a Smart Investment In Home

When people can afford their rent, the vitality of our towns and cities grows. Helping people stay in communities they love is a win for employers, schools, places of worship, local government – the very fabric of our state. Rent subsidies lead to improved performance at school. Rent subsidies expand meal budgets to include healthier options. Rent subsidies – the supports our neighbors already qualify for – are a smart investment for today and a responsible foundation for strong tomorrows.

It’s Time to Bring It Home, Minnesota!

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