A Legacy of Care

Dylan Novacek July 10, 2020

Gerry Mooers Donor Spotlight
Written by Dylan Novacek, Content Specialist

“I know in my heart that caring for others is the right thing to do.”

For 90-year-old Gerry Mooers of Mayflower Church in Minneapolis, supporting her community is second nature. Whether it’s making meals for friends or volunteering at Creekside Commons, you can count on Gerry. As a Beacon donor, there was not a second thought. She believes in home!

“Home is a place to be shared. Both in good times and bad,” she beamed, reflecting on her experience with housing. “If I didn’t have a place to call my own, I would be devastated.”

Growing up, Gerry was fortunate enough to never experience what far too many people have to go through. Coming from a place of means, she feels driven by her faith to give back in any way she can.

“I have more than I need, and I want to use it to help others who can’t help themselves,” she shared. “I am in awe by the work done at Beacon. When you’re a part of a collaborative, you learn from each other. You can do so much more than you could on your own.”

Describing her fellow congregants at Mayflower as warm and helpful, Gerry is a shining example of that. In these urgent times, she noticed the need to ensure everyone in her community and beyond are supported.

“I am so proud to give to Beacon and their work to bring affordable homes to everyone, no matter their race,” she asserted. “Since George Floyd’s untimely death, Beacon has been hard at work continuing their mission!”

Donors like Gerry help support that mission to address unjust policies, shelter families and create new homes. A mission which takes $12 million over three years in private funding. Right now, this translates to $90,000 to maintain and grow the support families need to thrive.

“Attending Beacon events like the convening or the luncheon, I hear so many powerful stories about families without a home,” she paused. “I guess for me there was never an ‘ah-ha’ moment. We all need a place to call home. Who wouldn’t support that?”

For Gerry, there is no sugar coating it. Housing is the most essential need. In addition to making annual donations to support the gift of home, Gerry has pledged a gift of $10,000 in her will. Confident in her commitment to the collaborative, this gift sees that her caring impact will continue for years to come.

“With this gift I hope to see that more housing is built,” Gerry said with a smile in her voice. “I hope these homes give comfort to the people who need them most.”

With her Beacon gift, Gerry’s legacy of care will live on in the homes we create and the families who are supported by them. By including Beacon in your will or estate plan, you place the vision that all people have a home among your core values, setting the course for a future all our neighbors are safe and healthy. Click here to learn how you can be a part of our Beacon mission in this way!