Resources for congregations hosting shelter guest families

Beacon congregations host families in crisis, extending generous hospitality and a warm, safe place to rest. If your congregation already hosts, THANK YOU – we’ve provided some great resources below to support you.

If you are the lead host coordinator for your congregation, please complete the form below to begin the 2021 scheduling process. If you’re working with other congregations to host, please determine in advance if you will be submitting a single form or separate forms for each of your congregations.

Here’s a quick overview of what you’ll need to enter for each section of the form:

  1. Name of hosting site: This is the congregation where families will be staying.
  2. Hosting site address.
  3. Will your site be available to host in 2021: We sure hope so!
  4. How many weeks: This will be the TOTAL number of weeks desired to host at this site. Note that this should include the total for any congregation that would be responsible for a hosting week at this site.
  5. Which congregations will participate in hosting at this site: Please list ANY congregations who would be participating in a hosting week you are scheduling at this site.
  6. Enter your name and contact information as the scheduling coordinator. This means you are the single primary contact responsible for scheduling. 
  7. Which congregation are you a part of? Note that this may differ from the hosting site.
  8. Additional Host Coordinator Name and Info: Do you have another host coordinator who helps you lead while hosting? Please list their name and contact information in these optional boxes.

Complete your form here:

Is your congregation in Carver, Hennepin, or Scott counties, and interested in exploring hosting? Contact Deb to start a conversation.

Hosting Resources

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